Autumn moods

Trying to improve my photographic eye to produce my own images for articles and blog posts and writing, I decided to take an autumnal photoshoot around the neighborhood. Just because I took the time to look around, I saw a stairway to heaven, reflection of tall trees in the water stretching down to the sky far below, and a graffiti guy sitting by himself in a corner.

autumn again
tried to seduce me
with its colors.
I didn’t fall for it.

Zol H, 2019


Autumn is coming

With the leaves starting to fall, here are three autumnal pieces that popped up in my social media feeds.

Irish poet Pat Ingoldsby is known for taking something ordinary and making it extraordinary, in this case a single leaf in a tree outside his house. “All the other leaves are gone are you are still there.”

Help authors through the colder months, cartoonist and illustrator Tom Gauld says with this illustration, created for Guardian Review:

Andrew Davidson sums up the feel of an arriving autumn with Autumn Books, created for Wall Street Journal. The falling books are changing into leaves.