I want to write a poem, but my imagination thwarts me. Or maybe it’s the other way around. Maybe my imagination is inspired by the late winter / early spring, with the yellow spring colors against the wintery white backdrop, and wants to express it but finds me unfocused. You cannot always tell the thwarter from the thwartee.

I think I’ll blame it on my imagination and just sit down with a cup of coffee and watch the hatching spring. Maybe look up the word “thwart” to double-check the meaning. Not the first time, WordPress, that I have to look up your suggested daily word. I try not to let it uh… thwart me.

WordPress Daily Prompt: Thwart

7 thoughts on “Thwarter vs. thwartee

  1. I think you’ve taken the prompt and ran with it to a different direction, finishing at a midpoint between winter and spring. That finish captivated me: bright yellow against a white and grey background.


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