Today’s prompt from WordPress, sympathize, triggered a scene in my head: A man, years of harsh street life imprinted in his face, not quite sober, but sobered up the best he can, his hair freshly combed, approaches a house and rings the bell. “You have my sympathy,” I hear him say to the man who opens the door, “Your father was a good man.” He is invited inside but declines. “No, I wouldn’t impose on anyone.” As he walks away I notice two guys waiting for him on the street. They each put a hand on his shoulder as if to say, “Well done, mate,” and a bottle comes out of a pocket. It must have cost him a lot to come here, I think to myself. I’m glad to see that he has backup.

No man is an island entire of itself.
— John Donne

WordPress Daily Prompt: Sympathize

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