I hate glockenspiel and I love Beethoven and it was like beast meets beauty when the glockenspiel in the town hall bell tower started to play “Ode to Joy” to mark noon. In that precise moment, I slipped on the icy sidewalk.

Just another everyday moment to put in the writer’s notebook, maybe to be worked into a short story that begins with “It all started at noon on Monday, January…” Then follows a chain of events that leads from the glockenspiel to B to M or Z, maybe culminating with another glockenspiel at noon. Beethoven, too, in all his brilliance is somewhere in the mix.

Or maybe our character falls on the ice and blacks out to the tones of “Ode of Joy” and in her head, the glockenspiel turns into the mighty choir singing “Ode to Joy” at the very first performance of Beethoven’s 9th, with the deaf Maestro himself on the stage, a singer turns him towards the audience for him to receive the standing ovation. When our faller comes to, the glockenspiel is still playing and she sings at the top of her voice.

The options are endless. I like the title “Glockenspiel and Beethoven at noon.”

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