Imagine all the things you as a writer can do with eggs in your story. You can have the protagonist eat them for breakfast with bacon and sausages together with two Bloody Marys at a hotel in Brighton where he is attending a middle manager conference and didn’t quite manage himself the night before.

You can have a husband bring breakfast to his ill wife in bed, eggs with sunny side up the way she likes it. He can be a genuinely caring retired husband — or not, as you will let the readers know when you reveal the extra ingredients in the eggs a few pages later.

You can have a mom make pancakes to cheer up a young broken heart, a gesture they will recall years later.

Or, have an egg crack open and let the bystanders go Aww as they watch a baby dragon peep out, spewing a little fire. Of course, it might lose its cuteness and become a killer on page 92.

Personally, I would like to write a short story about an egg that won’t hatch because the inhabitant is afraid to leave his comfort zone. But hatch he must.

WordPress Daily Prompts: Egg

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