White snow, a couple of footprints and Peter the Cat neighbor can be inspirational for a writer.

footprints_in_the_snowCAPTION: Two sets of footprints in the snow. One belongs to a man. The other, to his right, is from light cat paws. The man and his cat walk side by side the short hill up from the house. Halfway up, the cat prints stop and the man turns to the cat. Maybe he says, No, you cannot come with me, not today either. The cat turns right and disappears into the garden. The man keeps walking. His right foot seems heavier than the left one. He turns for a moment to see if the cat is still there. Then they both go, each to their day.

An every morning ritual depicted in the fresh snow on the ground.

You cannot live with a paw in each world.
β€” Erin Hunter, “Into the Wild”

WordPress Daily Prompts: Neighbors

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